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shriek aloud; they could not endure another
explosion of the passion that boiled in him; but
to their surprise all he said was " Ah " as if he
thought to himself, But why make a fuss about
that? Naturally men are drowned in a storm, but
it is a perfectly straightforward affair, and the
depths of the sea (he sprinkled the crumbs from
his sandwich paper over them) are only water
after all. Then having lighted his pipe he took
out his watch. He looked at it attentively; he
made, perhaps, some mathematical calculation.
At last he said, triumphantly:

" Well donel "   James had steered them like a
born sailor.

There! Cam thought, addressing herself
silently to James. You've got it at last. For she
knew that this was what James had been wanting,
and she knew that now he had got it he was so
pleased that he would not look at her or at his
father or at any one. There he sat with his hand
on the tiller sitting bolt upright, looking rather
sulky and frowning slightly. He was so pleased
that he was not going to let anybody take away a
grain of his pleasure. His father had praised
him. They must think that he was perfectly
indifferent. But you've got it now, Cam thought.
They had tacked, and they were sailing swiftly,
buoyantly on long rocking waves which handed